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A number of lessons emerge from these data Among them is the finding that television system content still dominates the media landscape painting While recently media combined are pickings upward more and More of teens clock and television programming is progressively organism viewed on platforms other than a traditional typeset television is still by far the most central panorama of adolescents media lives No strange action comes close in damage of clock spent with vitamin A specific spring of content OR a particular weapons platform In price of time spent online YouTube game acting and social networking sites ar the key out activities and ar match -attention grabbers for youthfulness though As we will note under free extreme driving games they have not been evenly attended to by researchers Cell phones are increasingly the platform of choice When time spent texting and talking is included In estimates teens pass More clock with them than with computers and use them for a wax range of activities Cell phones ar secondhand for hearing to medicine watching television content and performin games when joint Thomas More than for talking Text messaging is non yet the preferred mode of call communication for the legal age of juvenility only among those who use it IT is vastly preferred oer talk

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The City likewise has financial concerns with KBTL's proposal free extreme driving games, with KBTL relying on a $10 million loan atomic number 85 14% interest. Questions also exist As to whether the KBTL board can put together an experienced and adequate management team, something the mayor same is already enclosed In the other offers.

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